We can connect you with community support & resources in Maitland

Everyone needs a bit of help sometimes

Life is full of challenges, and finding the right support can be part of the struggle. AT MRCS we believe everybody should get a helping hand when they need it. Whether it’s managing money, raising kids or dealing with the unexpected, the stresses of daily life quickly add up. Let us help you take the next step so you can overcome the struggle.

If You Need Help, We Make It Easy

Maitland Region Community Support


We take the time to listen without judgement.

Community Resources


We triage the issue and review the available support with you.

Maitland Region Community Support


We connect you to the right people and services who can help.

Need some extra food?

We always have food
on hand to help fill your belly

Food is essential to stay healthy, but it isn’t always easy to access. Soaring grocery prices, medical costs and unforeseen expenses can make it hard to afford nutritious, fresh food.

If you’re struggling to put food on the table, come in and see us. We have food relief packs* that include everyday pantry basics and toiletries, as well as regular drops from Oz Harvest. We cook nutritious meals in our commercial kitchen that you can take home.

* food packs subject to eligibility
Bill Assistance Access Community Support


We can help you access Bill Assistance

If you’re struggling to pay household energy bills, you could be eligible for Energy Accounts Payment Assistance (EAPA). As an approved provider we can assess your eligibility and walk you through the application process and eligibility requirements.

Just need someone in your corner?

We advocate on your behalf

Sometimes it helps to get someone else’s perspective on an issue so you can figure out what to do next. We take the time to listen and understand what’s happening so we can advocate for you. Whether you need help negotiating with a real estate agent or property manager, working out a payment plan with a service provider or just need a hand filling out important paperwork, we can help.