Emergency relief

Providing people with the immediate basics in a time of crisis.

Each week Oz Harvest rescues fresh fruit, vegetable and meat from big chain supermarkets and delivers it to us. Our volunteers divide the items into packs for people who need food relief. Food packs* include everyday pantry basics that help feed a family: pasta, pasta sauce, cereal, long-life milk, soup and more. Packs can also include hygiene products like soap, deodorant, toothpaste, toilet paper and nappies.

Volunteer cooks transform rescued fresh ingredients into home-cooked meals on-site in our commercial kitchen. Portioned up and frozen in takeaway containers for easy transportation, these nutritious meals are given out to the local community.  

*Food packs are subject to eligibility
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Maitland Region Community Support
Community Resources


Need help paying your electricity/gas bill?

If you’re finding it difficult to pay household energy bills or you are at risk of having your service disconnected, you could be eligible for Energy Accounts Payment Assistance (EAPA). MRCS is an approved provider so we can assess your eligibility and walk you through the application process. EAPA can be accessed through many community service organisations, but limits apply and there are eligibility requirements to meet. 

You deserve to have someone in your corner

If we can’t help you access bill assistance, we can advocate on your behalf if you’re under financial stress. This includes negotiating with service providers to work out a payment plan or a way forward. Previously we’ve advocated for people with Hunter Water, real estate agents, phone companies and other organisations.

Paperwork can be confusing

You can come to us to get help with important paperwork, like filling in forms for Centrelink, medical assessments, separation or divorce proceedings. Several members of our team are Justice of the Peace (JP’s) so we often certify documents and statutory declarations for people.

Support for families

Raising kids today can be challenging for any parent, but help is  help available for parents and carers of babies and kids from birth onwards.

Maitland Region Community Support
Maitland Region Community Support
Maitland Region Community Support


Our PlayStrong Playgroup is a supported playgroup run by a qualified community worker, experienced in working with young children and families.

Families get the benefit of the community worker’s broad network of relevant community services, providing easier access to additional family support, community programs and allied health referrals.

Playgroup includes stories, songs, craft and ‘grown-up’ discussion about parenting topics including early literacy and maths, social and emotional development, language and health.   

The mission of our playgroup is for children to have a safe and inclusive space to play, explore, share and learn, and for parents and carers to make connections with others.

Held onsite on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10am- 12pm during school term. Playgroup sessions are FREE.

We have a secure outdoor play area plus a range of age-appropriate toys.

Messy play is a regular feature so please be sure to bring a change of clothes, a snack, hat and sunscreen.

Parenting Programs

Our trained Community Workers deliver free, practical parenting programs in small groups for parents and carers.

Circle of Security

Circle of Security is an empowering program for parents and carers of children birth-6 years old. The program gives parents and carers the opportunity to learn, understand and respond to their child’s emotional needs and to strengthen their bond. The outcomes are positive self-esteem within the family unit, better relationships and more success at school and in life.

123 Magic

For parents and carers of children aged 2-12 years, 123 Magic works through challenging behaviours of children, while incorporating emotional intelligence as an alternative to traditional discipline measures. This in turn creates a safe, flexible and thriving home environment, and can reduce carer’s stress and anxiety levels.

Tuning In To Kids

Tuning Into Kids offers three programs focusing on birth-12 years, 12-16 years and a father-specific course, all of which can be facilitated locally. The goal is to support the emotional connection between the child and their parent/carer with tools, strategies and coaching.

Maitland Region Community Support
Maitland Region Community Support

Life Skills programs

Feeding Frenzy

This 4-week course is designed to teach attendees how to feed a family on a budget. We cook meals that will cater for 1-6 people, take minimal equipment and ingredients, and can be prepared at minimal cost.

The program is run in small groups (max 6 participants) and features a different meal each week. We discuss household budget tips, using basic ingredients to spread meals further, nutrition, the importance of food variety, meal planning and preparation.

One Pot Wonders

This is a cooking course primarily for people who live alone, but others are welcome. Designed for those who don’t have large kitchens, we focus on creating nutritionally balanced meals quickly and simply. This course runs over two weeks and has a maximum of two participants. Each cook will prepare a different meal and an easy, cost-effective dessert each week.  

Emergency Essentials

If you’re homeless, we provide emergency support. Along with referrals to specialist homeless services and phone access, we keep sleeping bags, backpacks, thermos, beanies, disposable plates and food that can be eaten on the move.